2017-09-17 Parties

There’s quite a difference as to how children’s parties are thrown here in Portugal. Both from a size and a form perspective. For one parties seem to be for everybody, and two, as a norm they are arranged by subcontractors. The parents invite and pay as everywhere else but apart from that seem to be […]

2017-02-19 Food

Food is most definitely different in different countries, it is even sometimes different within a country. In any case food is a definite differentiator between cultures. And along those lines, food is quite different here in Portugal than from how it is in Sweden. In Portugal, lunch is not rarely three course. And I’m not talking about […]

2017-01-15 Sugar

I’ve been thinking about sugar since we came here. Like, a lot. Which is very easy since sugar is everywhere around. It seems the “sugar trap awakening” that happened in Sweden a couple of years ago, and is I think still happening, simply is not on the agenda here. It is like there´s a huge gap […]