2017-04-23 Going out for lunch

Everywhere and always I see people going out for lunch. And sometimes even more so, I hear them talking about going out for lunch. I’ve honestly never understood the concept. Sure, at mid day some kind of nutrition is needed otherwise for sure there is no way to survive a day, no matter if it is […]

2017-03-12 Coffee

So, coffee is normally a differentiator of culture. And it is here too. Coffee is verbally taken and not drunk and it is indeed taken quickly and not in longer sessions. Maybe it is a southern culture kind of thing more than particularly Portuguese but the tendency here is definitely to go for short coffees […]

2017-01-29 Alcohol

An obvious difference between Sweden and many other western countries is the manner of which alcohol is sold and consumed. Which obviously must have an impact on the people and the culture. For one, in Sweden, alcohol is sold only in government controlled monopoly stores, which means that there is no other reason to go to these […]