2017-12-14 Handymen

In between Sweden and Portugal it is impossible not to reflect on handymen. As in people who come to your house to fix things, a broken fence, a dish washer, cleaning of pipes, you know. I am intrigued by the fact that these seem to be entirely different species between different countries. In Sweden, when expecting a handyman […]

2017-11-26 Shopping

Shopping is a cultural phenomenon if there ever was one. It is in the shopping behaviors that habits and typicalities of people are brought forward. What do they buy, where and how? Sometimes I have to say it is striking how super markets or stores or malls, especially the newer built ones, look the same […]

2016-12-18 Timings

It is normal around here to be thinking of timings, and times, and the adherence to these, and the not so much adherence to them as well.  To me, they are peculiar and I can’t seem to really get my head around how it works. Meaning that I constantly misjudge them. A common prejudice would […]