2017-12-19 Exodus

‘Time tooo… say good byyyye…’ It’s been difficult I find not to hear the gigantic voice of Andrea Bocelli playing in my head all through today. He is on constant repeat – strong and beautiful in his powerful message. Today was time to go, hasta la vista as Arnold would say. We boarded and left …

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2017-12-15 Security

It seems that people are very afraid of burglars here. Condominiums that are fenced in and have 24 hours security are quite common and houses without high surrounding walls and signs shouting out the chosen surveillance system hardly exist. At the same time people who have spent time abroad and move back to Portugal partly rationalize their …

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2017-12-14 Handymen

In between Sweden and Portugal it is impossible not to reflect on handymen. As in people who come to your house to fix things, a broken fence, a dish washer, cleaning of pipes, you know. I am intrigued by the fact that these seem to be entirely different species between different countries. In Sweden, when expecting a handyman …

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2017-12-03 Kids and languages

They say kids are like sponges. Especially when it comes to languages. Like they soak it in. Like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Like it’s like breathing. Like it just happens. Like it’s effortless. And maybe it is true that it just happens. But effortless? We moved to Portugal with our 4,5 year …

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