2017-10-15 Traveling

There’s something just magical about traveling, isn’t there? I love it. I’m not sure it relates to the actual factual act of traveling as in flying or driving or going by train. I think to me it’s more about the sensation of traveling, the idea of traveling, of being on my way.

The sensation is especially strong in airports. It’s this whole feeling of being at ease that fills me the minute I enter an airport and that stays with me for a much longer time than I’m actually there. I’ve been thinking of that, and what it’s all about and especially I put it in relation to a speech I was listening to that also stayed with me.

The speech was a TED speech by a female scientist with a charismatic voice that has been researching and trying to find base for what our perceived sense of having meaning in life actually consists of. Very interesting and definitely a listening tip, just go here.

It hit me cause it’s exactly what I feel when traveling – a sense of meaning.

In her research our sense of meaning can be divided into four pillars: belonging, purpose, transcendence and story telling. To me they all hit the traveling experience perfectly.

My sense of belonging to a larger community of travelers is imminent in for example an airport. You’re all friends on the move sharing this space whilst on the move to the next.

When traveling, I feel a total purpose in the fact that I’m going somewhere, I have an evident goal to achieve, a goal that is easily made understandable and easy to relate to, it keeps my brain busy and in count down mode. I know what I´m doing and where I´m going.

Now transcendence illustrates that feeling of perfection, of being outside of yourself looking down, a kind of ease, being in the zone. Not something that is easy to find but to me that’s a definite yes for traveling too. I feel a sense of happiness, like I’m smiling inside, when traveling. It fills me up without choking me.

And as for the last pillar, story telling, well, traveling gives me the opportunity to redefine myself and the story about myself on every single travel. I add to my story by where I am going and why, and by telling the tales of the people and places I meet when traveling.

What’s the point of this ranting then? We’ll, the point is, it’s nice to feel meaning. In fact researchers state that happiness without having a meaning of life is not enough. Which means it’s smart to know what that having a meaning of life consists of. So it makes sense to think about meaning and when you typically feel meaning cause then you have the chance to put yourself in more meaningful scenarios.

Get the meaning?

4 thoughts on “2017-10-15 Traveling”

  1. En devis ni lever efter! Inte konstigt att jag tyckte kudden var den perfekta presenten!!

  2. Texten på min kudde säger allt om mina tankar kring resande .
    “The world is a book
    and he who stays at home
    reads only one page “

  3. Hi

    Absolutely true! Having, knowing, at least some meaning of life makes purpose trancendance and the others easy and I believe its a self reinforcing thing. Knowing your purpose or the purpose of what you’re doing at this very instant makes for a flying start into storytelling your own story to yourself. And it goes on. And it all connects. And you know you had best get started. Nevermind where.

    Great and very succinct and highly accessible writteen rendering of a supremely complex issue. Thanks a bunch – I feel smarter!


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