2017-04-30 Style

I have been thinking about how people dress here in Portugal as compared to Sweden. Notably, there is quite a difference. And not only because my daily life here contains other types of activities, but rather I’d say there seems to exist a more overriding difference. When going to a party or outing in Sweden […]

2017-04-23 Going out for lunch

Everywhere and always I┬ásee people going out for lunch. And sometimes even more so, I hear them talking about going out for lunch. I’ve honestly never understood the concept. Sure, at mid day some kind of nutrition is needed otherwise for sure there is no way to survive a day, no matter if it is […]

2017-04-16 Walking

I’ve been thinking about how walking here is on the one hand really nice and beautiful and how it on the other hand can be really difficult and on the verge of dangerous. It is very contradictory and I find myself battling with how to approach it. In Sweden, there are two types of walking. […]

2017-04-09 Democracy

Nothing is ok about what happened to Stockholm and Sweden on Friday. Nothing. I cannot find it within me to understand what’s going on with the human race in order for things like this to happen. That we use violence and terror to impose our views on others. And I do know that it’s been […]

2017-04-02 Baguettes

So, a week in France makes it pretty obvious how different cultures are, even if only looking at superficial and simple things. Where the Portuguese culture is calm and non bragging, the French culture is majestic and imperialistic. Just take the bread offering in your typical hotel breakfast. In Portugal there’d be a variety to […]