2017-02-26 Carnival

So in Portugal Carnival is celebrated, and as in Rio it’s a happy celebration, a party of music, dancing and parading in festive, colourful, imaginative costumes and masks. The party goes on for a couple of weeks and kids are off from school to take part in the celebrations. The festivity has it’s origins in religion […]

2017-02-19 Food

Food is most definitely different in different countries, it is even sometimes different within a country. In any case food is a definite differentiator between cultures. And along those lines, food is quite different here in Portugal than from how it is in Sweden. In Portugal, lunch is not rarely three course. And I’m not talking about […]

2017-02-12 Rain

The rain period has started. This is a strange and in a way quite funny period here in Portugal. For one it contains rain like I’ve never experienced it before, and secondly, it seems to startle the local drivers. During the rain period, the rain in Portugal is like a cascade of water being thrown from […]

2017-02-05 Ordnung

Sweden is, in quite a few aspects actually, quite German. Portugal, on the other hand, is not. At all. Whatsoever. Especially when considering bureaucracy and the good old ‘Ordnung muss sein’, this is obvious. In Sweden, you know that the authorities are well organised. Not to say meticulously organised. You know that if you yourself […]