2017-01-29 Alcohol

An obvious difference between Sweden and many other western countries is the manner of which alcohol is sold and consumed. Which obviously must have an impact on the people and the culture. For one, in Sweden, alcohol is sold only in government controlled monopoly stores, which means that there is no other reason to go to these […]

2017-01-22 Sports watching

I am not even sure sports watching is the proper label for what people seem to engage in here, but to some extent I do think it covers the fact that when exercising here, people watch. That includes the ones that are not exercising themselves as well. Especially beach front, when running or walking or stretching people […]

2017-01-15 Sugar

I’ve been thinking about sugar since we came here. Like, a lot. Which is very easy since sugar is everywhere around. It seems the “sugar trap awakening” that happened in Sweden a couple of years ago, and is I think still happening, simply is not on the agenda here. It is like there´s a huge gap […]

2017-01-08 Friendliness

I am not necessarily saying it is like the one place is so friendly and the other one is not, but I do, quite often here, find myself reflecting over the fact that people around me behave so very friendly. Again, not that Sweden is unfriendly but  maybe rather that the Portuguese are noticeably friendly. […]

2017-01-01 Speed

About the way people drive here I have been thinking about the speed they use while conducting their cars. I have been asked about it and come to acknowledge the fact that there seems to exist a prejudice that Europeans by default are fast drivers. But that is just not the case here. At least not […]