2016-12-25 Mary

So, with Portugal being catholic and the Portuguese being very catholic and all it is fair to say there is pretty much worshipping going on. Lisbon alone has enough churches for you to go to a different one nearly each day of the year. And it is a safe bet that the smallest township across the […]

2016-12-18 Timings

It is normal around here to be thinking of timings, and times, and the adherence to these, and the not so much adherence to them as well.  To me, they are peculiar and I can’t seem to really get my head around how it works. Meaning that I constantly misjudge them. A common prejudice would […]

2016-12-13 Culture

I’ve been thinking about culture. The way it exists all around us, the way it impacts us in a million details, the way it makes us who we are really. Could it be argued that culture is the third determining factor on what defines us as individuals? Genes, environment and also culture? Our genes don’t […]