2017-06-11 Saying hallo

I really really like it here in Portugal that everybody is so keen on saying hallo. In the street, in the store, through the car window, whether it’s to someone you know or to a stranger. It’s just everywhere, and I like it. Probably cause I do the same. Its extremely obvious when out walking […]

2017-06-04 Sun glasses

I am blessed to be ex-patriated to a country of sun shine. In fact that particular factor is likely one of my top criteria would I make a list of preferences. Definitely because of the better temperatures the sun normally means but I dare say mainly because of the direct and regular need of wearing […]

2017-05-28 Clearing the table

You ever noticed how it is so different between different countries how the tables are cleared in restaurants? Specifically I mean the timing as to when the table is cleared. I really gotta say that adding it up it has got to be some cultural meaning to it with far greater symbolism than actually just taking empty […]

2017-04-30 Style

I have been thinking about how people dress here in Portugal as compared to Sweden. Notably, there is quite a difference. And not only because my daily life here contains other types of activities, but rather I’d say there seems to exist a more overriding difference. When going to a party or outing in Sweden […]

2017-04-16 Walking

I’ve been thinking about how walking here is on the one hand really nice and beautiful and how it on the other hand can be really difficult and on the verge of dangerous. It is very contradictory and I find myself battling with how to approach it. In Sweden, there are two types of walking. […]

2017-04-09 Democracy

Nothing is ok about what happened to Stockholm and Sweden on Friday. Nothing. I cannot find it within me to understand what’s going on with the human race in order for things like this to happen. That we use violence and terror to impose our views on others. And I do know that it’s been […]

2017-03-12 Coffee

So, coffee is normally a differentiator of culture. And it is here too. Coffee is verbally taken and not drunk and it is indeed taken quickly and not in longer sessions. Maybe it is a southern culture kind of thing more than particularly Portuguese but the tendency here is definitely to go for short coffees […]

2017-03-08 Symbols

So, here, boys are silly and girls play with dolls. I am not saying this is a typically Portuguese thing, but I am saying that being Swedish and being abroad makes it real obvious how gender equality is a part of the Swedish soul. And it’s the symbols that make the difference. The symbols that are […]

2017-02-26 Carnival

So in Portugal Carnival is celebrated, and as in Rio it’s a happy celebration, a party of music, dancing and parading in festive, colourful, imaginative costumes and masks. The party goes on for a couple of weeks and kids are off from school to take part in the celebrations. The festivity has it’s origins in religion […]

2017-02-19 Food

Food is most definitely different in different countries, it is even sometimes different within a country. In any case food is a definite differentiator between cultures. And along those lines, food is quite different here in Portugal than from how it is in Sweden. In Portugal, lunch is not rarely three course. And I’m not talking about […]