2017-07-09 Safety

In Sweden we are quite, I’m not sure it’s the right word but let’s say, quite worried about safety. Or maybe not worried, but quite aware of safety. More so we are quite aware of and worried about the risks that might lead to not being safe and we want to control those risks. It’s […]

2017-07-02 Being polite

I think it’s fair to say that all cultures think highly of good manners and that all aim to raise their children into being polite. I guess it’s a universally understood fact that those traits will help us in getting along with the surrounding world more efficiently. We are different as human beings, so different […]

2017-06-25 Safe or sorry?

You know the expression, better safe than sorry, right? And you are either of the type who thinks it’s the smartest thing ever to say, or you belong to the type who starts itching and secretly or not roll your eyes when the persons who normally use the expression use it yet again. It’s kind […]

2017-06-18 Uncertainty

I really really don’t like uncertainty. You know, when you’re trying to finish something, reach an end, plan something, and then there is this missing information that means you can’t get it together, you can’t finish, you can’t reach your end goal. Those famous missing pieces of a puzzle, that’s what I’m talking about. Those […]

2017-06-11 Saying hallo

I really really like it here in Portugal that everybody is so keen on saying hallo. In the street, in the store, through the car window, whether it’s to someone you know or to a stranger. It’s just everywhere, and I like it. Probably cause I do the same. Its extremely obvious when out walking […]

2017-06-04 Sun glasses

I am blessed to be ex-patriated to a country of sun shine. In fact that particular factor is likely one of my top criteria would I make a list of preferences. Definitely because of the better temperatures the sun normally means but I dare say mainly because of the direct and regular need of wearing […]

2017-05-28 Clearing the table

You ever noticed how it is so different between different countries how the tables are cleared in restaurants? Specifically I mean the timing as to when the table is cleared. I really gotta say that adding it up it has got to be some cultural meaning to it with far greater symbolism than actually just taking empty […]

2017-05-21 Relativity

So everything is relative, right? But why is that? Is it to drive humanity further, to make us compete, invent the new and thus evolve better, quicker, more? I don’t know the standard answer there really but I have nonetheless been thinking about it because sometimes it is so very obvious how everything is relative. Take […]

2017-05-14 Duties

So I’ve been thinking about duties. You know, as in musts, shoulds, have tos, should haves. Or any other phrasing used for those values and tasks that somehow just exist within us. The ones that we hardly notice ourselves and even if and when we do, they are so difficult to shake. The acts we […]

2017-05-07 Quiet

When advertising houses or areas here they are often referred to as quiet. Or very quiet. Like a good thing. Which I am guessing most people think it is, otherwise it wouldn’t be mentioned in the house add. Myself, I never understood it. First of all, what does it mean? What is it that is so […]