Helena Radeson

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What I Do

I am a great believer in focusing on working with peoples strengths, because it makes so much more sense. So I do the same for me: I listen, I talk and a I write.

I Coach.

I coach individuals, I coach teams, and I coach businesses. The theme is to bring focus and clarity to what your driving factors are, to how you want to show up on your personal stage, and then to make sure that your steps follow that path. Think about it, if you know where you are heading, wouldn’t it be just great to make sure your everyday choices actually go in that direction?

I Speak.

Whether moderating, giving a topic based inspirational speech or getting the chance to talk about personal and corporate branding, I love speaking. My queues will always be addressed to make the audience think and bring something with them to share right then, or later, because in the end, what the world needs is thinking and connecting.

I Write.

In mindfulness trainings, writing is viewed to be one of the top mindfulness practises, something that keeps you in the present moment, that makes you focus that let’s the mind and spirit evolve freely. I love how that statement justifies my random rants and musings. Because to me it really just is a life essential: I write because I think, I can’t help it.

Need Advice?

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My E-Books & Courses

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My Story

I am Swedish born of Macedonian and Croatian descend. This mix has given me a very strong sense of family and a deeply rooted belief in the progressive values of diversity, inclusion and the equal value of each human being. Wanting to extend a diverse and international upbringing to our daughter, my Swedish husband and I after individually having lived abroad previously, moved to Portugal and then on to Switzerland, where we we now live with our daughter plus cat boy.  

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