2017-12-19 Exodus

‘Time tooo… say good byyyye…’ It’s been difficult I find not to hear the gigantic voice of Andrea Bocelli playing in my head all through today. He is on constant repeat – strong and beautiful in his powerful message.

Today was time to go, hasta la vista as Arnold would say. We boarded and left Portugal. Exodus in the name of the infamous story. Ok, maybe not as dramatically as that particular one, but still. Big.

So thank you Portugal, not for the first months (sorry for bringing it up at this hour of good bye, but no), but thank you ever so much more for the remaining hours of endless sun and the bright light that sun glasses were invented for, thank you for the great wonderful big social setting, for the unexpected encounter of deep friendship.

Thank you for providing the amazing experience and development of miniM, Portuguese, English, swimming, school, friends, the cultural immersion to make her know for life that the world is full of interesting people with great stories and hearts, no matter where they come from.

Thank you for the inspiration to dive into my passion, to write. And the insight into how it is a wonderful hobby that I will probably never stop entertaining. Words are magic, and I love putting them in writing, it allows for slow and deep thinking. And it makes me calm down and feel energized at the same time.

But now it’s time for something else, we’re moving on, on to a new setting in life with other challenges as well as other rewards. It’s exciting and it’s gonna be fun.

I’m sure you won’t get rid of me, but let’s see when and in which form and forum.

Till then, hasta la vista readers. A wonderful Christmas season to you all.

And none the least the absolute best of faith for 2018. It’s promising to be an amazing year. Enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “2017-12-19 Exodus”

  1. Tack för fantstiska , upplyssande , energigivande “varma ” texter och lycka till i ert nya land ! Du skriver verkligen för att DU TÄNKER !

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