2017-12-18 Moon struck

So, here in Portugal people seem to be more affected by the powers of the moon than people are in Sweden. The moon is a force to be counted on and a force to take into account, in big events as well as in your daily life.

I find it mesmerising and interesting at the same time. Mesmerising because I was raised with mysticism close by in our daily life, and I’ve always liked it, it gives me some kind of comfort, I recognise it and don’t feel threatened by it. But I also find it interesting with mysticism because growing older and understanding things differently than when a child it has become increasingly clear that the ideas it holds often spring from reality, not from imagination. There are often real practical reasons and explanations behind that what was referred to as magical and non explainable.

In addition, the moon specifically has always had an impact me, both physically and mentally, I sense it’s movements.

From a scientific point of view, I guess indeed it is true that the effects of the moon get stronger the closer to the Equator, and undeniably, Portugal is closer to the zero latitude than the northern hemisphere is. But the relation to the moon here in Portugal is something else, it is a matter of people actually allowing these forces, or rather maybe the interpretations of the meaning of these forces, to get closer and more real.

Doctors and midwives actually take the timing of the moon phases into account when determining delivery dates. The idea is that a full moon may easily impact the labour work to start before time, thus meaning that the pregnancy may not go full time. And these claims are readily dwelled and believed by the parents-to-be, spreading the word in jungle telegraph time amongst family and friends. So the slight possibility becomes something the doctor said, and therefore nearly a fact. And the potential of the moons impact on child birth becomes common knowledge. Just like that.

Surfing being the national sport (after football of course) here also explains why the people are keen on following the moon calendar. The tide can determine not only whether a day is gonna be full of a lot of fun water or not but can also be the difference between life and death.

So in reality maybe, even if the relative closeness to the Equator is actually higher in Portugal, maybe how hard the moon strikes is rather a measure of the relative willingness to believe in it’s powers in the two countries. The rational versus the mystical appetite so to speak, and where you allow those to meet.

So, what's your thoughts?

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