2017-12-15 Security

It seems that people are very afraid of burglars here. Condominiums that are fenced in and have 24 hours security are quite common and houses without high surrounding walls and signs shouting out the chosen surveillance system hardly exist.

At the same time people who have spent time abroad and move back to Portugal partly rationalize their move back with the security and very low violence rates of the society.

It makes me wonder what it is all about.

Sure one aspect is that everything is relative, coming from Rio de Janeiro crime would have to be on a nearly insignificant scale here, but it does not mean there is none at all. So you protect yourself just in case. Because it is not the kind of thing you wanna say “yeah I thought about getting house protection, but I thought well well, nothing is gonna happen anyway”. And of course, the signs and the fences will likely scare any potential crooks off. Better safe than sorry kind of thing.

But still, it seems too much.

Also, there´s the dogs. To have more than one guard dog in any mansion type villa that is already fenced in just seems unreasonable to me. And if you look at these dogs from a breeding point, they are not even always proper guard dogs. There’s an overwhelming amount of big shepherd dogs walking abut the gardens as well. Now shepherd dogs have good eye sight, so they will see the intruder all right, but they are neither guarders nor barkers. Their instinct will be to surround persons, so maybe, ok I´ll give them that, they would be somewhat useful for the cases of two or more perpetrators. But they wouldn’t think of barking to alert the owner of the potential danger. At least not if they behave as their races are supposed to. Then again, cars belonging to dog trainers are often seen outside of these houses, so there may be breed bending going on. Or the realization that the wrong breed was bought is getting obvious.

But in the end it makes me wonder, can it be that the massive security measures are really a way of saying “hey, look at me and my house, I need to be well protected because I have so much asset going on in here”. So in reality it is maybe less about the need of protection, but more about the want of recognition?

So, what's your thoughts?

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