2017-12-13 Moving day

Moving day is what the third day of a pro golf tournament is often referred to or commonly called by commentators and watchers. It means to illustrate that this is the day that anything can happen. The initial cut has been made and only the best players are left for the rest of the tournament. So what the leaderboard will look like at the end of moving day may be totally different from what it looked the day before.

Our moving day is tomorrow, Thursday. Leaving the country of eternal sun for something new. So by the definition of moving day, it means that everything can happen. And I’m looking forward to what that will be. I am excited, not about leaving, but about what I am going to.

So, when moving here to Portugal, I was so busy working and doing my social goodbyes that I was luxuriously very little involved in the practical aspects of moving. I pretty much came home one day and the apartment was empty. This time I’m the one in charge of moving the house out. Along with a great whole set of social goodbyes of course, but that’s another, yet very fantastic story.

Now about moving, I’m a thrower so one of the aspects of it that I like the most is the screening, sorting and checking you get to do whilst going through all the things to be moved. Cause it’s bound to end up with things getting thrown away. And with my other half away and busy working, I don’t even have to give some things the benefit of a doubt. I just throw them out.

It’s kind of like the quite new I-phone emoji, the yellow head that is throwing up. I love it. The head is throwing up a green mass of gooh that doesn’t at all look disgusting. At least not to me. Rather what is coming out looks fresh and healthy and good. Like a cleansing process. Sure, the yellow head looks a bit tense, but I get the feeling it’s gonna feel better afterwards, once the green spinach is out.

So I am going to do the same thing with my texts as I have done to our belongings and what the yellow head does. I am going to throw texts up like you’ve never seen it the next coming days. A cleaning of my mental room so to speak. And it’s gonna feel good afterwards.

And then I am moving on. And then we will see.

2 thoughts on “2017-12-13 Moving day”

  1. Så spännande ! Ska bli roligt att få följa er nya resa! Hoppas att allt går bra idag! Ta hand om dig och varandra ❤️

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