2017-08-06 Holidays

Holidays is a wonderful thing, I’m pretty sure most people would agree to that. And especially the kind of holidays that actually get you what you needed, so that they leave you feeling energised, relaxed and up to par for the coming challenges. Or whatever it is that any particular person needs to feel at a particular time in life.

Cause there is no silver bullet, no one common or general answer to what each person will always need to make their holiday as useful, or efficient as possible. I know, it may seem a tragic word to be using about your annual holidays, efficient, but I’d argue that it is actually smarter to go about the holiday planning in a pretty logical way. Analysing what the year has been like, or will be like, in order to take the correct actions and to find the most fitting solution to secure that the upcoming holidays give you the chance to get what you actually need. Boring? I think it’s abut taking control instead of just becoming a result of what happened to happen.

And anyone who has ever ended up on an adventurous, spontaneous, change hotels every night in a setting you have never been to before kind of thing when all they actually needed was to spend two weeks in a hang mat re-reading old classics knows exactly how important that is. Cause it’s going to be stressful, and it’s gonna be maybe a year till the next time you have another chance of getting it right. Meanwhile you’re going to still be as exhausted and unfulfilled as before the holiday once you are back from it. And the other way around too of course, the excruciating boredom of having to be stranded in that hang mat when you are so needy of adventure and excitement! Horrible. And definitely not energising, more like soul breaking. But the key is your own individual need is gonna be different form time to time. So the importance of not being sloppy around your holiday planning is essential.

In reality I think a lot of people do have these kind of thought processes, kind of a problematisation around their needs and possible solutions to their holidays. The analytical, or business like approach. It’s more a matter of to which degree, and on how conscious a level the process goes on. But as in any good solution, the work before, the planning, the preparations is going to matter. And in many cases you don’t even get to be totally selfish but have to, and probably want to, make the holiday as pleasurable as possible for more than yourself. So, there you can choose to either not consider your own needs and take a martyr stand and see how fulfilled you’ll feel afterwards, or you can choose the other approach, and consider it even more important to reach into yourself and find your own individual needs. Because you will have to compromise anyway, so you need to be real clear about where you are even able to compromise or not.

In my home country Sweden these are the days or weeks when a lot of people are back to work from their annual summer holidays. I think and hope the overriding result for the most is feeling energised, relaxed and happy, in other words that their holiday has been efficient. And if not, take it in, and dare to have a professional approach next time. Because you’re worth it.

Meanwhile, I’ll do myself the favor of considering my own advice.


5 thoughts on “2017-08-06 Holidays”

  1. Och vem kan påstå något annat än att ibland är livet väldigt rättvist, som i ert fall som själva sett till att det blivit så!

  2. And nothing better than someone you trust to have those business like discussions with, thanks for all those times friend!

  3. I totally agree.

    Awareness of your own needs.
    The consideration of others and their needs.
    A most tricky act of balance.

    I believe you are spot on. One need to know ones needs. I also know you are right when your write that the business like approach is the best way to go about reaching an insight into this. What was good and what was bad last time? What do I want to do next time? Sure, there will be compromises but then again, thats lite.

    Thanks for the read and thanks for the advice.


  4. Vi är “arbersfria”min man och jag . Det betyder att vi kan åka på semester från den “dagliga semestern”när vi vill . Vi är också priviligerade att åka , i princip, vart vi vill och är mycket noga med våra val . Vi vill ha upplevelse , få människor i gruppen på resan , vi vill lära oss om landet och ha en kunnig svensktalande guide . Eftersom jag är klädintresserad vill jag ha tillfällen att ta på mig en snygg klänning till middagen. Många lyxproblem att ta ställning till . Det får mig att fundera på massor av familjen som längtar hela året efter några dagars sol och bad i deras närmiljö och blir besvikna pga vädret …..på varandra …. på systemet …..på världen …..Vem påstår att livet är rättvist ????

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