2017-07-23 Motivation

It’s the middle of the summer and I’ve been thinking about motivation. Probably because I myself feel totally unmotivated. I know my under conscious right now is quite busy with bigger thoughts about the near as well as the more further future, but it’s not really sharing neither it’s thoughts nor possible conclusions so I feel empty. And unmotivated. It’s like my creative branch has been cut off and I am suddenly incapable of producing clear thoughts.

Which brings me to think about motivation. And more specifically to which part of motivation I am missing so that maybe I could push that specific button. Cause I know I am going to feel better, less confused and more on top of myself once I’ve creatively produced something that matters to me. So which is my button for finding motivation?

In sociology you typically talk about values and the necessity of finding out which value, or set of values, is your top driver. That way you can steer your motivation and hence accomplishment more and better. Find those and you will know yourself intensely better. And be able to push your own triggers better. Throughout my career of working with teams and individuals I have personally used this value based motivation theory on as good as all individuals I’ve had the pleasure to coach, and some more, and I’ve  seen unbeatable evidence that it’s a working theory. It takes time and effort, but help each individual find his or hers motivating values and the person will become more satisfied, as well as more accomplished. Which naturally is good not only for the individual but for the coach/boss and the company too.

The pondering on our driving values has been part of intellectual culture since the ancient Greek philosophers and there are loads of them. Typical values could be the sense of achievement, adventure, beauty, challenge, contribution, fairness, fun, happiness, influence, loyalty, recognition, security, wealth. I would highly recommend investing some time into more exhaustive lists and ways to work with those. You can have a look for example at James Clear’s site here or at Mindtools approach here. If you think about it, a value is anything that individuals aspire for and will make them happy, and if you think some more you can probably already guess the driving values of some of the people around you.

But so, when I narrow down on it, which value is it that drives me in the sense of creativity? Why do I do it? What is it that producing something creative makes me feel that I like so much? Well, I think I’m getting closer to understand that and thus being able to push those buttons when I need to. And interestingly, what makes me like the creative process isn’t that different from what makes me like other things. Again, it’s not a simple or fast process, rather a life long one, but it is indeed quite interesting. And worth the thought.

But I also gotta be honest and say that sometimes it’s just about getting a kick in the behind and lack of motivation is no longer and issue. Things just fall into place. And I was lucky enough today to have the right person commenting on the right thing at just the right time. So, here I am. Producing creatively. Because of an enabling push. And I can assure you, when pressing ‘save’ I am going to feel sky rocketing on at least the value of feeling achievement.

Have you already or are you ready to do yourself the favor to think about what it is that is your driving value? And what you need to make it kick in? And then, next step, securing you have those enabling factors around you?

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