2017-07-16 Pampering

Whether it’s at the hair dressers, massage parlor or nail salon, who doesn’t love being pampered? Being taken care of, being beautified, being cared for, they’re all positive feelings, aren’t they. It’s all very personal, yet very superficial, moments of feeling good. Again, who doesn’t love that? I mean, no matter if you admit to it or not, but still, who doesn’t?

As I see it there are three main drivers of why everybody loves being pampered and then these just add up differently depending on who you are, and maybe from time to time on an individual basis they differ as well.

The most obvious or superficial one being the fact that it makes you look better. It may be the hair dresser freshening your hair up with a little cutting, high lights or color, or as simple as a professional blow dry and styling. It may be a manicure or pedicure, and a fresh nail polish in aspirational mood color. It may be a massage or facial treatment making your body feel stretched, less tense and kind of glowing. In either case you come out not only looking, but feeling like a new and improved version of yourself. You feel relaxed, powerful, glowing. You feel and look great.

Another driver to loving being pampered is likely the mere fact of getting some alone time. In between a busy work life, private life and social life, not to mention the heightened pace of life as a whole with super connectivity everywhere and all the time, the moments of quiet and solitude may be rare. So an hour of superficial care may actually be the single moment of private thinking, or non-thinking allowed for in a busy schedule. I even had a therapist telling me about a patient that continued coming to her once a week even after the actual therapy sessions were over just to be coached into total mental and physical relaxation. The patient came there to relax for an hour because that was her only chance to not be disturbed, neither by others nor by herself. So taking an hour of pampering every once in a while likely works magic on your inner beauty too. It’s allows for mental harmony.

An then, there is what I like to refer to as the movie star aspect of being pampered. Maybe it is just me that it applies to, but really, who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star? At least sometimes? All focus on you, nobody else, what do you want, what do you like, what do you prefer? And then they ask if they can get you something to drink while you’re being pampered, that’s perfection. There is a reason why fashionable places offer a glass of  bubbly with the treatments on a Friday or Saturday evening, and for sure it’s the movie star effect they are after. They want you to leave their pampering parlour feeling on top of the world, beautified on the outside, happy and bubbly on the inside.

No matter which of these applies to you specifically, next time you have your own pampering moment, why not take the opportunity to think it through and deduct what the moment means to you individually. Which feelings of well being are evoked within you, do different pampering activities evoke separate feelings, which gives you a high, which gives you a relaxing low? And of course the obvious, if you book a moment and the pamperer actually hinders you from feeling what you intended to, because they don’t listen to you, because they don’t offer a drink, or my personal one, because they talk too much, you change places. You simply take the obstacle to your enjoyment out of the picture. In either case, if you think your needs through, you can get on top of those moments and actually learn to use them to your favour, to kind of control them, to be goal oriented when booking them. Like: What do I need today? How do I need to make myself feel in order to feel more in harmony?

Just think about it – if you learn to understand your pampering needs and which results they can bring, you have all the more reason to book some more. And who doesn’t want a reason for that?

5 thoughts on “2017-07-16 Pampering”

  1. Jag tillbringar relativ lång tid i Kroatien och ” unnar ” mig olika behandlingar för ett pris som ligger betidligt lägre än i Sverige . Dessutom är damen jag går till oerhörd duktig och har enbart natur produkter från själva ön . Perfekt eller hur ??? Mitt problem är att jag omöjlig kan koppla av och kommer hem irriterad eftersom hon talar oavbrutet i telefon eller med sin son som har tusen frågor till henne och hon besvarar alla högt och tydligt . Jag ställer mig samma fråga varje gång : Ska jag vara snygg eller irriterad ????? Fåfäng är jag så ….

  2. Inspirational! Pampering ahoy. Now what to do though?

    Thanks for all great reads


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