2017-06-25 Safe or sorry?

You know the expression, better safe than sorry, right? And you are either of the type who thinks it’s the smartest thing ever to say, or you belong to the type who starts itching and secretly or not roll your eyes when the persons who normally use the expression use it yet again.

It’s kind of like a curse, the better safe than sorry. Cause it wouldn’t really be said by the ones who keep on saying it (because it’s always the same ones isn’t it) should they not think the receiving party has done poorly. Otherwise there would not be a reason for them to think they need to share their opinion. A reason to lecture someone else, someone they think should have been better prepared.

Ok, admittedly, there are the ones who use the expression not to scold but rather to explain their own over precautious behavior. As a way of saying ‘I realize I am over doing it but I just have to do it to stay sane’. But they say it with a singing voice, not a lecturing voice, so you feel it too, it’s not just what they say, but rather how they say it.

And those self aware persons are the very proof that the other group means and says it in a condescending way. They think the ones who didn’t have the pack of napkins with them on a walk, who didn’t put some extra money into the parking meter, who didn’t pack an extra set of underwear or any of all those things you can think of, they think those are less smart. Not less prepared, which they actually would be should any of the unforeseens actually happen, but less smart. Otherwise they wouldn’t have that scolding tone of voice. As if ‘if you would have just done the same way I would you would have been so much better off but poor you are an imbecil’.

It’s just that I think, if you are not of the type that is prepared to your teeth with extra equipment to face all the what ifs and maybes, we’ll then I’m not sure you actuality mind too much should the unforeseen happen. Maybe if it does you rather pride yourself in your ability to face and solve any situations if and when they arise. And maybe you even, secretly or not, think of the ‘better safe than sorry’ people as poor bastards who spend so much time preparing for things that never happen because they simply don’t have the ability to adapt. In an equally condescending way.

So… pretty much the same thing…. but the other way around…?

Strange, isn’t it, how we humans seem to tend to think of and define ourselves as how we are different in a better way than others, and them different in a lesser way than we are.

Have you already defined whether you are ‘better safe than sorry’ or prefer ‘instant problem solving’? And even more interesting, have you realized for which things you define yourself in relation to others and how legitimate those views are?

1 thought on “2017-06-25 Safe or sorry?”

  1. Det är bara så att jag vill vara säker på allt . Jobbigt . Så klart. För mig personligen skulle vara ännu jobbigare att INTE kontrolera allt och alla jag bryr mig om . Är kaffe kokaren avstängd , dörren låst , passet med, har jag ringt alla jag borde och inte borde ringa……,,,,,har barnbarnen gjort läxorna, borde jag inte färga ögonbrynen …… Listan över mina “safe”är oändlig och oftast för irittation för min omgivning. Men vad gör man när man har det i ryggraden eller har fått det med modersmjölken ? För resten vill jag inte ändra mig . Sorry bat I am a very safe person .?

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