2017-06-04 Sun glasses

I am blessed to be ex-patriated to a country of sun shine. In fact that particular factor is likely one of my top criteria would I make a list of preferences. Definitely because of the better temperatures the sun normally means but I dare say mainly because of the direct and regular need of wearing sun glasses that the sun implies.

I love my sun glasses. I absolutely adore them. I would wear them all the time if only it didn’t imply not being able to see in the dark. And yet I do push it and indeed people very close to me have laughed at me and even sometimes ridiculed my excessive use of sun glasses meaningly noting ‘there’s no sun out…’ It’s just, they’re my favorite thing. So I can’t help but thinking about what it’s all about. What is it about those sun glasses that makes me feel so right?

Well, to start with, let’s state what everyone fashionista has long known as a truth – sun glasses are without a doubt a stylish and super cool part and sometimes enhancer of any look. Whether elegantly toned down or absurdly in your face designed they make a statement and help convey styles. And as such they become of part of the persona of the bearer. Not all people realize that, which in itself can be a problem. But more importantly, people without an own sense of style or direction can buy themselves an officially ‘okayed’ pair of well known designer sun gear and hey what do you know, they added more fashion sense than the rest of their look could ever bring.

Obviously the sun is a factor. Sun glasses provide good shelter for your eyes and as such they actually enhance your eye sight. But it’s not just the sun really, it’s more to do with the light. This becomes increasingly obvious in a country like Portugal where the hours of day light are longer and more even throughout the year than let’s say Sweden. Being closer to the equator irreversibly indicates that. Anyone spending time in a southern place knows and understands the light itself is as bright as to impair your eye sight even on a day without sun. And it means you need your sun glasses more frequently, all around the day and all around the year. To add to that, because it’s warmer you spend more time outside.

The third factor on loving my sun glasses though has nothing to do with the obvious factor of eye shelter. Or, well, it is a type of shelter too, but now I’m talking personality shelter. Whether it’s about hiding yourself from the rest of the world or about keeping the outside world out can be different on different days but it still means creating a barrier. And in this case it’s a physical barrier. One that very much let’s you see whatever you see without everybody seeing your immediate reaction to it. And by that giving the opportunity to think before sharing. Being a spontaneous easy read type of personality I can assure that is something aspirational and indeed sometimes necessary.

So thinking about it, it is really no wonder I feel so strongly for my sun glasses. They offer style, eye protection and personality aid all in one. Not many things offer that range.

So did it make you think about what’s your favorite accessory? And more so, do you dare go into thinking why?

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  1. Glasögon för mig är en praktisk detalj som skyddar mina ögon soliga dagar . Det betyder dock inte att jag inte är intresserad av deras utformning och färg . Jag älskar att leta i secon hand affärer efter just solglasögon. Märket i det här fallet spelar mindre roll . De ska vara speciella ,annorlunda , helst i starka färger och mönster och viktigaste av allt billiga . Varför just billiga ? Anledningen är enkel . Jag är ofta utomlands och glömmer dom lite överallt.

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