2017-05-21 Relativity

So everything is relative, right? But why is that? Is it to drive humanity further, to make us compete, invent the new and thus evolve better, quicker, more? I don’t know the standard answer there really but I have nonetheless been thinking about it because sometimes it is so very obvious how everything is relative.

Take sports for example, and I’m not even talking about your professional athletes, but your normal, day to day exercising, keeping fit, working out, staying healthy. You run by somebody walking with heavy, slow steps towards their car you immediately feel more accomplished. You feel like you are stronger, fitter, quicker. Like you take better care of yourself and your well being. It gives you energy and feeds your self esteem. On the opposite though, on a day that you are feeling slow and heavy and like you have to drag your feet even though you are actually out walking or running, you are passed by someone in a higher speed. Immediately you feel like that person has a lighter step, has more energy and is fitter than you are. Whereas, of course, in reality you have no idea. That person may have felt that day like being the slowest moving person ever. But letting that person pass you by, did you contribute to his or hers well being and self esteem that day? Letting them be relatively faster because of passing you?

The same goes for food intake in relation to keeping fit and healthy. Going into a place with unhealthy fast food and seeing someone heavy weight in there you tend to think about that persons constant flow of bad choices and even about how a change of life style might be fit for them, whereas you yourself happen to be there just that once. Not on a slippery slope towards obesity and mal nutrition, but as the one off that says you are human and not unhealthy frantic about healthy food. Whereas if you yourself in some other location order a cake to your coffee and a person that breathes health and fitness goes by with only the coffee, well you might feel like a slob. And that’s again without knowing anything about that person and that person’s choices on any other given opportunity. Maybe they just had three cakes and not the coffee on their last stop.

So as humans we tend not only to view things as relative, but we also have the tendency to evaluate relatively. And these evaluations, even though they may be based on one off happenings and situations and persons we do not have the full appreciation of and insight into, we take those evaluations and we let them influence us and the way we live our lives.

And I can’t help but thinking again about why that is. Life often has it’s master points, is this one of them? Could it be that it is precisely these relative evaluations that actually drives us as human beings further, longer, higher.

If so, it’s bound to make me reflect on how I can control the relative evaluation. How can I avoid putting myself in situations that feed me negative relativity and on the contrary actually put myself in situations when my tendency to relate to others makes me stronger? Thereby giving myself the possibility to reach even further and achieve even more?

Have you managed to finger point and use those situations that make you feel relatively stronger? Good. And are you using them actively to help you achieve more?

2 thoughts on “2017-05-21 Relativity”

  1. Enlig mig spelar omgivninger mycket stor roll hur man uppfattar sig själv inte bara hur man påverkas.
    Vi var i vintras i Mexiko och kände mig som världens smalaste person bland alla , enlig mig, överviktiga amerikanare . Månaden efter åkte vi till Kina . Just det , kände mig som en elefant blan alla smärta kinesiska kvinnor !!!? Som det kan bli …….

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