2017-05-07 Quiet

When advertising houses or areas here they are often referred to as quiet. Or very quiet. Like a good thing. Which I am guessing most people think it is, otherwise it wouldn’t be mentioned in the house add.

Myself, I never understood it.

First of all, what does it mean? What is it that is so quiet? The house? Is this a house that is built with wood that doesn’t get dry and creak? Only low energy kitchen appliances with low sound levels? Or maybe it’s the neighbours that are quiet? Like a whole living area or condominium where you only allow quiet people to move in? Or maybe there are rules against being loud? Which there really could be in a Swedish apartment building, as in where the building board implements rules on before and after which hours there is to be no parties and no drilling. But in these cases there would be some all around the clock regulation for being loud?

Or maybe it’s just a way of saying that this house or area is real isolated? Maybe it’s a house with a huge gigantic garden meaning the house itself gets real quiet because any sound from the outside that manages to reach all the way in through the garden to the actual house will have diminished so much in volume it cannot be considered loud anymore? Could it be a whole living area that is just way out in the countryside, no big roads surrounding it, no airports nearby, and with no neighbouring areas to intrude with loud sounds?

I don’t know, it’s really all very mysterious to me. A quiet house sounds nice. A bit overdoing it since most houses aren’t really that loud from the beginning, but still nice. A regulated quiet area sounds like something I wouldn’t be admitted into. Sounds like they would need to have entry tests to check voice pitches and speaking patterns and temperament factors. I’m afraid I would have troubles fitting in. But it would be real entertaining being part of the research team and formulate and perform the actual tests. A huge garden sounds like a lot of work. So not cut out for somebody who thinks a stone terrace os balcony is the perfect garden size and whose ambition level for plants amounts to buying new when the old ones dry out or die from over watering. An isolated area sounds… well… isolated, in a bad way…

Again, I don’t know. A quiet house, or even a very quiet house? Why? Or could it be those house adds just aren’t directed at me and I should really be choosing other search terms?


4 thoughts on “2017-05-07 Quiet”

  1. OM vår fastighet av någon anledning skulle vara ” klassad” som tyst skulle jag vara uppsagt för länge sedan trots det höga priser vi har betalt för att bo just här på den “rätta adressen ”
    Tysthet påminner mig om resan med min dotter till Stockholm . Vi såg fram emot att prata i några timmar och hamnade i sk ” tyst kupe” KATASTROF !!! Klart att vi flyttade och njöt av att tala både högt och tydligt.

  2. Ines Falcao de Campos

    Loved this post! Never thought about it from this clever perspective.
    I guess some information is inbetween the lines. Imagine you live in an apt in a ‘quiet building’ and in moves a family with a kid or a deaf elder person, right next door. What if the kid*elder is not respectful of all this advertised quietness? One never knows

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