2017-05-05 Pain

I am thinking about how pain can be so many different things, or rather, how it can be evoked from so many different things and feel in so many different ways. And in different places.

Physical pain is the most obvious one. You fall and hurt your arm, it hurts in your arm. Throbbing, carving, instant, short or long lasting pain, but in any case palpable and expected and immediately recognisable. It’s a pain that can even be to your help in establishing the severity of the damage. So it’s a kind of smart pain, it’s your body telling you to stop and check the hurt limb in order to know how to proceed.

Then there is the pain of being mentally hurt by another person, as in being let down, disappointed, betrayed. Why it appears and where it stems from has general traits, but is also quite individual. What hurts the one person may be totally neutral to the other. I’d think it’s an equation of what goes on inside the head of the receiver but also a reflection of the relation between the two parties in the communication. As us humans are herding animals I’d guess this type of hurt is a way of establishing roles in a group. In order to be a successful group everyone has to know their role and place. I’d also say however this hurt has become a bit twisted with the modern times,  and that we spend relatively too much time dwelling on our own role rather than enjoying and living it.

But then there is the real pain.

A close friend recently lost a very close person.

That must be the hardest pain of them all. I can’t even imagine going through the same thing. It’s beyond understanding and preconception. And yet we all will or have or are going through it in one way or the other. It’s part of life. But that doesn’t make it easier. It will feel less, or at least we will learn to live with the pain, we know that. But that doesn’t make it easier either. Losing a close person must be like tearing out a part of your nervous system, an inexplicable feeling of sadness and loss and sick to your stomach whilst at the same time becoming increasingly and alarmingly certain in your knowing that losing a person means you will never meet that person physically again. Never see, never touch, never listen to or be listened to. A pain that goes through your core, through your body and mind without any discrimination of where the pain was induced.

It makes me realize that this is the kind of pain we feel in the heart. And I realize that is where it lives because it grows from the love we feel for the lost. And that’s why we feel it everywhere. It’s from and part of our soul.

So remember my friend, your pain comes from your heart and soul. And as opposed to the bodily parts that you will have to live through seeing buried very soon, the soul is forever. And so is the love.

My heart aches for you friend.

5 thoughts on “2017-05-05 Pain”

  1. Fint uttryckt att man ska ta hand om dem som är extra känsliga, vi kanske skulle ha band i flera färger för flera syften ??

  2. Smärta är ofta förknippad med sorg över att en älskad person har avlidit . När jag var liten , på femti talet, dog min mormor . Min mamma gick svartklädd i tre år . Fruktansvärt tyckte jag då ock det gör jag nu också. Nuförtiden , i många kulturer bär man ett svart band kring ärmen på kavajen respektive klänningen . Det tycker jag att det är ett bra sätt att säga ” Var rädd om mig , jag har sorg och är exta känslig” Eller bara, krama MIG !

  3. I do agree Bill, we are here to learn and life is a circle for us to fulfill ❤️

  4. Pain is rarely spoken of a something that is beneficial; we rarely seek it out in the normal course of events. We are programmed to avoid negative experiences, perhaps that is hardwired into our survival genes, into the tribe, into the herd.
    But painful experiences can be learning ones; they can increase our empathy for others going through them. For instance, I badly broke a leg skiing in a remote ski area and suffered through a long excruciating ride through the mountains to the hospital, only to have to go through ten days before the leg could be fixed, I learned a lot about myself. For instance I could never look at an ambulance again without feeling for its occupants. I had many other experiences driven by my 6 months of recuperation and additional operations; some good, some bad, all appropriate, all lessons if I chose to see them that way.
    We come to this planet to learn. Some say to work off karma from previous lifetimes. When a soul moves on, when the lessons are learned and the body dies, it can leave an empty space for those who are left behind. If you are lucky, you will have a community and friends to help you fill it. You may have other experiences that lead to healing. May the blessing be!

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