Month: May 2017

2017-05-28 Clearing the table

You ever noticed how it is so different between different countries how the tables are cleared in restaurants? Specifically I mean the timing as to when the table is cleared. I really gotta say that adding it up it has got to be some cultural meaning to it with far greater symbolism than actually just taking empty …

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2017-05-21 Relativity

So everything is relative, right? But why is that? Is it to drive humanity further, to make us compete, invent the new and thus evolve better, quicker, more? I don’t know the standard answer there really but I have nonetheless been thinking about it because sometimes it is so very obvious how everything is relative. Take …

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2017-05-05 Pain

I am thinking about how pain can be so many different things, or rather, how it can be evoked from so many different things and feel in so many different ways. And in different places.

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