2017-04-23 Going out for lunch

Everywhere and always I see people going out for lunch. And sometimes even more so, I hear them talking about going out for lunch. I’ve honestly never understood the concept.

Sure, at mid day some kind of nutrition is needed otherwise for sure there is no way to survive a day, no matter if it is a day of leisure or a day of work. I’d even go further and say that to keep an even energy level and both spirits and production levels up, in reality more than one refill during the day is needed. At least for me. So it definitely in my case has nothing to do with skipping intake, that’s not it.

I just really have difficulties understanding the concept. Even more so enjoying it.

For one thing there’s the question of everybody agreeing on where to go when going out for lunch. Say for example it’s a group of colleagues we’re talking about. First of all, it feels like the discussions start already after the morning coffee. The where, the what, the sending around of this weeks menus from the possible places. It all seems so time consuming. Not to talk about the constant disruption in focus. In just seems a whole lot of hassle for going somewhere the entire group will never ever be happy with either what is served or how. As an individual, your particular preference may win or not, depending on how much of a bully or weakling you are.

Then there’s the lunch that you’re invited to for other reasons, a business lunch in one way or the other, where you’re there to make a good personal impression or to discuss something work related, or the both. Am I the only one who on those occasions seems to have holes in my fork or spoon and all of a sudden drewl? Seriously. Normally I don’t. I think. But maybe it isn’t so strange really, or unexpected, these type of meetings are about showing accomplishment and that makes them nervous meetings and at least in my case nervousness and clumsiness have always gone hand in hand. So I end up lunching with stains on my white shirt. Not the best setting for impressing or convincing someone… The worst kind gotta be the lunch interview type. A really bad idea. Sure you can always not eat, but that’s rude in my world.

Oh, and there’s the lunches where you meet up with somebody you haven’t seen in a long time. The idea is often proposed as kind of ‘well nobody has time anyway after business hours so why don’t we meet over lunch cause everybody’s got to eat right?’ Well, from my experience it normally means a bad compromise of taking an extra long lunch in order to transport yourself somewhere close enough for both parties, and then a way too short meeting with someone you haven’t seen in a while, whilst trying to talk with food in your mouth to make the most of the way too short time.

Then, of course, there are the wine lunches. The ones with your best friends, in beautiful surroundings, maybe abroad.. It’s impossible not to love those. But maybe having them everyday would be kind of bad to your health and work status…? Best leave them to the few occasions that make them so grand.

Except for the last variant though I gotta say I’m sensing there’s something in this whole going to lunch matter that I don’t fully get. Going back to the fact that I hear so much talk and planning for the going out for lunch. As if that’s half of the event. And maybe it is indeed, maybe it’s an everyday opportunity for escapism, for getting away from the daily work routine. Maybe that’s why the talking about it is always accompanied with smiles.

It kind of makes me think that maybe I am the odd bird out here. Cause I enjoy routine and I absolutely adore the calm and silence when everybody else has gone out for lunch. So, bon appetite lunchers!



2 thoughts on “2017-04-23 Going out for lunch”

  1. Jag har blivit klokare med åren angående luncher .Innan betraktade jag luncher som “slöseri ” med pengar både mina egna och andras . Motvillig till ex följde jag med mina döttrar och beställde i regel den billigaste lunchen inte den godaste.
    Som sagt , nu är det annorlunda och jag tom önskar mig luncher som födelsedags presenter .Allt var inte bättre för eller så har jag mycket bättre ekonomi nu …..

  2. Yes darling, you are the odd bird, and I love you for it 🙂
    I am so great at business lunches and love everything about it

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