2017-04-09 Democracy

Nothing is ok about what happened to Stockholm and Sweden on Friday. Nothing.

I cannot find it within me to understand what’s going on with the human race in order for things like this to happen. That we use violence and terror to impose our views on others. And I do know that it’s been going on for a long time. All through humanity in fact. Just with different names on the entities of the perpetrators who consider themselves so right that they can actually go out there and cause destruction.

What then are we, as enlightened modern people supposed to do about it? How do we redeem humanity? How do we see to it that everyone and every person in this world values everybody to the same standard, and sees everybody’s human right to live according to their own standards, with respect for everybody else?

Having majored in political studies and specifically democracy I am right up there saying that democracy is difficult and that it may not be the best way of building our world. But having my second bachelor in Communications and specifically media and press I will say democracy as we know it has one thing that can not be beaten – freedom of speech. Not freedom to make everybody else say and think what you say and think, but freedom to actually go ahead and say what you think. Big difference.

I have no easy fix on how to stop inhuman and non human worthy tragedies like the one in Stockholm on Friday, or Paris before that, or New York, or Moscow, or Brussels, or Nice. Or in Afghanistan or in Syria or anywhere else.

But I will say this. Believing in and implementing democracy is the way we can make sure to hear those individuals who in fact do respect everybody’s right to think, and who do believe that each and everybody has an equal right to live their own lives how they choose to. Because I cannot stop believing that in all places, no matter how destroyed by evil inhumanity, there are and will be individuals that are humanitarian and who respect human values. And we have to guarantee that those voices will have the freedom to speak. Because they’re the voices of humanity and of respect and of freedom. And of hope. They are the chance of  making humanity prevail.

Because nothing is ok about inhumanity amongst humans, no matter where it takes place.

Viva humanity. Viva democracy.




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