2017-03-19 Getting ready

There really is nothing that keeps a woman busy like meeting up with her lady friends. Oh I’m not saying men don’t, I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say this is an aspect in which I’d say the gender difference is probably and for real huge.

If nothing else I can say from my own experience that there is nothing that is as over worked as me getting ready to meet my girl friends. In my case the preparations extend to my family females as well. Big time. Ah, get real, it extends to all women I know or am potentially getting to know. Just in different portions.

Now, not living close or as in my case even abroad equals seeing your friends and family more seldom so that disproportionates the process of getting ready even more, but trust me, it would’ve been an aspect also if a higher meeting intensity was possible. And we are not talking about getting ready just before the actual date either, no no, we’re talking hours and days, more even in the case of not seeing each other that often.

Planning is what makes it need that extra time ahead. You need to plan well ahead for your up-coming beauty activities so that they are optimally synchronised to your meeting friends schedule. So your hair will be in the right stage of growth or colouring. So that your nails are in the best shape and length and with newly applied colour that matches clothes or mood depending on which message needs to be sent. Your eyebrows. Your outfit.

The above may or may not make sense to anybody else but I’d guess most people will be able to see the point on the superficial fixing. You wanna look good.

But then there’s the matter of the totally unnecessary and uncalled for getting ready activities. Unnecessary because they have absolutely nothing to do with meeting friends or family. I am talking about the matching and use of best underwear, the shaving of body hair, the exercising on the same day.

The feel good factors. Whatever are those about? Again, definitely and for sure speaking from both intellect and experience these things will not be under scrutiny when meeting up with friends or family. And in any case, they love you, you already know that, and these are not the factors that will change that.

In many ways it is weird.

But in many ways it also makes a whole lot of sense. Because your female friends and family are the ones who you use to strengthen your self confidence. They’re the ones you want approval from. They’re the ones who give you that straight back and strength so that you can meet the rest of the world without a shade of a doubt as to who you are and that you are special and worth looking up to and worth loving.

So you do everything in your power to get ready, to prepare, to be the best of your superficial self when meeting them. Not because you need to know they love you, you already know that, but to secure they approve of you and for them to kind of let you go out to the rest of the world. As a kind of a clearance stamp saying, yep, you can be let out, you are ok. With this stamp you can focus on the other things, the important ones, the mind and thought ones, and you don’t have to waste a single unnecessary time consuming thought onto your physical you, because your females have already confirmed you are the best of your perfect self.

So I’m thinking this is the very straight forward, understandable and simple reason that getting ready to meet female friends is like nothing else. No matter if it’s about the visible stuff or the hidden weird hygiene factors. Preparing for your females is really a matter of getting mentally set to take on the rest of the world.


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  1. My wonderful “blue” friend. Love that you dare to share your wonderful weirdness. You are always beautiful inside and outside when I see you ?

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