2017-03-26 Spring

So spring has arrived here, officially! Which it may or may not have back in Sweden. What’s really, practically changed here is the date, from March 20 to March 21. In Sweden, the meteorological definition of spring is used, meaning┬áthat the 24-hour daily average temperature needs to be on the rise and between 0 and […]

2017-03-19 Getting ready

There really is nothing that keeps a woman busy like meeting up with her lady friends. Oh I’m not saying men don’t, I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say this is an aspect in which I’d say the gender difference is probably and for real huge. If nothing else I can […]

2017-03-12 Coffee

So, coffee is normally a differentiator of culture. And it is here too. Coffee is verbally taken and not drunk and it is indeed taken quickly and not in longer sessions. Maybe it is a southern culture kind of thing more than particularly Portuguese but the tendency here is definitely to go for short coffees […]

2017-03-08 Symbols

So, here, boys are silly and girls play with dolls. I am not saying this is a typically Portuguese thing, but I am saying that being Swedish and being abroad makes it real obvious how gender equality is a part of the Swedish soul. And it’s the symbols┬áthat make the difference. The symbols that are […]

2017-03-05 Vests

So when buying a new car here, you get some stuff included in your purchase. Like a spare wheel, a warning triangle, an instruction book, you know, the things you’d think. But I did lift an eyebrow when seeing that also a yellow reflex vest was included in the start up kit. What could possibly […]